This week I finished reading the Simple Gift. I was disappointed how it ended. It made me wonder why the author didn’t extend the book and write about the future of Caitlin and Billy. Maybe he could have wrote “20 years from been givin the house. Same people living but with 2 extras; Oldy the dog and Clemintine their daughter…”

I would love it if the author wrote a sequel, it would be so interesting to read. I was really emotional when Old Bill left to Queensland. I think the sequel could be about Old Bill and his journey with the ghosts of his daughter and wife. Will he finally let go of his depressing feelings of his loved ones?

But despite the not so impressive ending, I really enjoyed this book because it is so accepting and wonderful.

Billy and Caitlin dancing in their new house- Old Bill’s old house,

This week I am illustrator. I can’t wait to read on and find out what happens to Billy and Caitlin. Maybe they get married and have children. But I doubt the author can write so much in just 2 chapters. Oh well, lets see if I get a surprise.

Reading this week made me really happy. I can’t believe Old Bill (a man whose first impression isn’t great), gave Billy and Caitlin his house. This must of been hard, to let go of his memories and to give them away. I didn’t want to pt the book down. Luckily I did. Because I know I would have spoilt it for everyone else! I am really excited to keep reading and to see everyone’s task!

My favourite person in the book (so far) is Caitlin. I love how she is so excepting of Billy and doesn’t treat him differently because he is homeless. This book is powerful if you look deep down. Some people say it’s boring, but when you think to yourself and say. “Would I do this if I knew someone homeless?” You start to think of how challenging but loving this book is.

Questions for discussion director


-Why do you think Caitlin never went out of the shadow (ran away) when she saw Billy pouring coffee and serving breakfast to Old Bill?

– How do you think Old Bill felt when he ate at Caitlin’s house with Billy?

  • Why doesn’t Caitlin want to tell her friends what happened on the weekend?
  • Why doesn’t Billy want to talk to the community workers?
  • What do we find out about Jessie?
  • How has Caitlin’s thoughts changed about Old Bill?

This week I am discussion director. We are reading up to chapter 9. I have a feeling there might be a death in this book- some sadness.

This book is fantastic! I really love the poem style writing and think it is so intricate.

I really think that this book can teach you a lesson. Caitlin is such a nice girl, it is wonderful to know that she is willing to have Billy over for a picnic without judging hi on his clothes or his homelessness. I think this is splendid and wonder if this happens in real life? Are there people out there that are un-judgemental like Caitlin?

My favourite part of these chapters I’ve read so far is Billy’s Cave page 63. I think this part is written so nicely and makes you feel like your there. I can imagine this little train carriage, old and rusty but having a nice lovely feeling to it.

I can’t wait to read on.

Bernadat river- Billy page 57.

“Every second day

I come here

to the Bernedat Laundry

to wash the world away.”

– Wash the world away- Billy doesn’t care about the world thinks about him all he cares about is that everyone is safe. He washes his worries away, he doesn’t need money to survive.


Billy’s Cave- Caitlin page 63.

“.. a warm safe little cave

for children to hide in 


they are scared or lonely

and need somewhere safe 

to go.

Billy’s Cave.”

  • Secure feeling.
  • I love how the sentences are written so small but give you a warm fuzzy feeling just as someone was talking about their most prized possessions.

Rich- Billy page 81

“.. You’re rich.

You’ve got no decisions,

no choices, and no worry…”

“..Go back to being rich

and penniless again.”

-Having money isn’t that great, Billy thought that having minimum money was much easier, he didn’t have choices and think creatively on how to do things with out sending thing. This was almost like an enjoyable game.






This week I am Text Selector. I can’t wait to read on! I wonder if Caitlin and Billy start to talk or maybe fall in love like every other typical love story. This week we are reading up to chapter 7/ pg 138.

So far I have really enjoyed this book. It is beautifully written, and i love how they are  in verses. So far far my favourite verse Longlands Road, I can imagine what their suburbs look like. Although it wouldn’t be the first place I want to go to, I still want to travel there. I can imagine the eery trees and the personalities their. I think their would be some crazy old cat lady or maybe an axe murder. Who ever else is there, I know I will be fascinated with it.

I can’t wait to read on!

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  • Mrs Carlin: Great post, Annelise. You should write to the author with your suggestions. I'm pleased you've enjoyed the book even though the ending was a disappo
  • Mrs Carlin: Cute picture, Annelise!!
  • Mrs Carlin: Excellent questions, Annelise. I hope they led to some really interesting discussions. Well done!